About Brierley Thorpe

brierley self paint blue peacock chest 1

Brierley is largely self taught but has trained with the current World Body Painting reigning champion Sanatan Dinda and trained as an MUA at House of Glamdolls under David Horne. Brierley has many years experience painting at private and corporate events. She has won numerous awards for face and body painting, has co-judged several prestigious body painting awards and has given live body painting demonstrations at The United Makeup Artists Expo and at IMATS where she has painted for Screenface London and has also collaborated with make up icons David Horne and Phyllis Cohen.

Brierley was invited to design a range of one stroke paints for Cameleon Bodypaint which have been popular worldwide. Her work has been published in Kerrang! Magazine, Face To Face Magazine, Illusion Magazine (for whom she has written several articles on One Stroke technique) and Dupe Magazine. Brierley’s body painting has been featured in several international music videos, short films and animations. She teaches face painting techniques at her London studio, was an instructor at the 2014 BayFaba Convention in San Francisco and will be an instructor at EFABE in Holland in 2018.


man 1 Brierley

All images on this page are self-painted pieces by Brierley Thorpe 

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