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Brierley is passionate about paints and products and brings to all bookings a slick kit comprising top quality paints, glitters, powders and well maintained equipment.  The Brierley Thorpe Face & Body Art team use paints by Cameleon Bodypaint, Superstar, Diamond FX and Kryolan – all high quality, hypo-allergenic products which fully comply with all EEC cosmetic regulations.

Throughout each booking, all brushes are rinsed in fresh water which is regularly replenished, and a clean fresh sponge is used for each face. All equipment is cleaned thoroughly after each event. Face paints are easily removed with a little warm water and mild soap or gentle facial cleanser. We reserve the right not to paint any person with a skin disorder, infection or contagious condition, and do not paint full designs on delicate infant faces (ie under 3 years).

Brierley is proud to have designed several colourblocks (one stroke paints) for Cameleon bodypaint : Evening, Siren, Lovebird, Gypsy and Minx –  sold through Cameleon Bodypaint stockists worldwide .


Fotor Siren and Evening Cameleon Colourblocks by Brierley Thorpe 2014



siren arm 2

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