Paints & Products

The Brierley Thorpe Face & Body Art  team are passionate about paints and products and bring to all bookings a slick kit comprising top quality paints, glitters, powders and well maintained equipment.  We use high quality, hypo-allergenic paints by Cameleon, Superstar, Diamond FX and Kryolan, which fully comply with all EU cosmetic regulations.

Throughout each booking, all brushes are rinsed in fresh water which is regularly replenished, and a clean fresh sponge is used for each face. All equipment is cleaned thoroughly after each event. Face paints are easily removed with a little warm water and mild soap or gentle facial cleanser. We reserve the right not to paint any person with a skin disorder, infection or contagious condition, and do not paint full designs on delicate infant faces (ie under 3 years).

Brierley is proud to have designed several colourblocks (one stroke paints) for Cameleon bodypaint : Evening, Siren, Lovebird, Gypsy and Minx –  sold through Cameleon Bodypaint stockists worldwide .

Fotor Siren and Evening Cameleon Colourblocks by Brierley Thorpe 2014

siren arm 2

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