Glitter tattoos & Colorini tattoos

Collage - Brierley Thorpe Glitter tattoos banner

 Glitter tattoos are created freehand using cosmetic adhesive and fine grade cosmetic glitters and gems. Small designs can be applied on children over 5 years and are popular with teen parties such as Bat Mitzvahs and also at adult events. With care, glitter tattoos can last for several days and will withstand showering and swimming. They are easily removed with rubbing alcohol or oily makeup remover. Bespoke body art designs and glitter tattoos can be sketched and submitted at time of booking.  Brierley won the Paintopia 2013 Freehand glitter artist of the year award.

Winning glitter tattoo paintopia 2013 by Brierley Thorpe

Spanish lady glitter tattoo by Brierley Thorpe

Pentax Digital Camera

Pentax Digital Camera

Glitter tattoo unicorn by Brierley Thorpe

Pentax Digital Camera

Pentax Digital Camera

Pentax Digital Camera

2 g tatt brierley 2014

Colorini Tattoos  – Colorini is applied to the skin (usually arms, legs, shoulders or back, and never on the face) using a fine brush or nail art style pen. The ink is left to dry fully and then a fine layer of talc is applied to eliminate any remaining sheen, to create a realistic tattoo effect. Colorini tattoos will last for several days if they are not repeatedly soaked or scrubbed. They can be removed with rubbing alcohol, available from chemists and some hair product stockists.

colorini crow - brierley thorpe colorini abstract lady - body art by brierley thorpe colorini - africa-henna - brierley thorpe colorini nouveau arm - brierley

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