Body Painting

collage red day of the dead 1 - brierley thorpe face and body art

Book Brierley plus one or more body painters to create special designs for parties or to transform performers, dancers or waiting staff at an event. Models can be painted prior to an event or can be painted live to create a dramatic focal point to entertain your guests. Bespoke stencils can be pre-cut to create corporate logos, and ornate headpieces or prosthectics can be pre-ordered, to your specification.



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Thea 1 - by brierley thorpe - collaged edit

jenjen 2

Emily 2 - Brierley Thorpe Face & Body Art

Halo 1 brierley thorpe

August 2014 - Lauren collage - face art by Brierley Thorpe Face & Body Art

Bern 3 - face and body art by brierley thorpe - london

blu dod 5

collage - Bayfaba 2014 - face and body art by Brierley Thorpe

Doves 1 - Brierley Thorpe

Collage Liesl body paint by brierley thorpe - cameleon bodypaint

dee 1 - brierley thorpe

Collage POLLY

Gypsy Fire 5 - Brierley Thorpe Face & Body Art -

lou8 by Brierley Thorpe July 2014

Russian Winter body painitng by brierley thorpe

wbf shot of eric bernaville - paint by brierley

james eco cyborg mirror 2 - brierley thorpe

photo (59)

james day of the dead 2 - body factory 2015 - brierley thorpe

james day of the dead 1 - body factory - brierley

alejandra pro shot - umae - brierley thorpe

shay robot - brierley thorpe

josy red butterfly wbf 2015 - brierley thorpe

For full body paints, models wear discreet latex nipple covers and pre-painted thongs.

To make a body art booking,  call Brierley on 07808 738 436 to discuss your ideas.

Clients and models can be painted and photographed in Brierley’s fully equipped and heated studio in east London, or in their own home or venue.

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