Painting and drawing

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I’ll be regularly adding photos of recently completed works to this blog page – work in progress, ideas, events, step by steps and thoughts on kit and working practice for professional face and body artists. And there may be some artwork which has not been painted on skin, too – such as the two mandalas I recently completed, above. These are hand drawn in fine liner pen on heavy grade paper. 

Mandala hand collage 1 brierley thorpe - jan 2015   Rust and blue arm art brierley thorpe jan 2015 collage 1

Violet edit 1 brierley thorpe face and body art - jan 2015

28th January 2015 : Today I made the most of being marooned in my garden studio on a wet and stormy day and painted for hours. My two dogs made a little nest under one of the desks and kept me company. In the morning I painted and submitted some ‘mock-ups’ of Spongebob characters to an entertainment company (there’s an album of mock-ups on my Facebook page – I don’t post them all on social media as some have to remain unaired.)

And in the afternoon I experimented with some new Cameleon paints. For the violet coloured arm design above I used the new Cameleon lilac ‘Leeloo’, Bollywood Pink, Toxic Yellow, Thistle, Capulet, and a dark Superstar Purple, Purple Rain.

The rust and blue design is painted using all Cameleon : Colourblock Retro, Baselines Blood Rain, Plum Fairy, Victorious, black and white.

The multi coloured arm is all Cameleon baselines except for the green one stroke which I made at home using Tag dark green, Cameleon Absinthe, Cameleon Wicked and Cameleon white – it makes a really nice vibrant blend of greens.

I didn’t have any reference for these designs, I simply picked the colours and improvised – pretty much my fabourite way to paint. I do love to work from research and progress from sketches through to the final paint, but I love to meander and paint in a relaxed way.

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